What does she Want
               I'm trying to put Her
                    Behind Me
                           &                                                Is This Some Form Of Torture?
                   There she Is
                Sticking her Arse                                     She has a very beautiful Arse
                    In my face                                                  
                                                                                      Earthy & Fertile
some time later                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
                          In the Year 3050              Man  Wonders          If he can Wear  
                                                                Like what Woman              
                                                          dream in your knickers
            &    hope  
            Ms ROBO COP                                                                      SHE KNOWS MAN 
            doesn't find out about it                                                                      IS      
                                                         FOR WALKING ON
That is if Earth hasn't Become    or     Our dear old Sun     or      Cooled & Produced      or........
       A charred Lump                               hasn't                              An Ice Age
       Circling the Sun                          Gone Nova                     We couldn't Hack
                                             We started our journey out of Africa
                                                           50,000 years ago
                                                  We left some blood Brothers
                                                           Its but a Blink
                                                          The Cosmic Eye
                               if that