Apparently there is a curse, the Red Sea must claim one a month, which is why it is called red.

Some call it the Bloody Sea.

                                                       Fear protects ............... panic Kills


Thoughts from a sensory deprivation tank.


Let me out of here!

Something's trying to eat me!


                                                                      a drift current to coral

                                                                 300 people on a sinking ferry

                                                                           ALL GONE!!!

                                                                       it was a great feast


having said that it is very beautiful there

                                                              a shoal of small brightly coloured fish

                                                         swirling around to a depth of about 3 meters

                                                                        just off the coral face

                                                  feeding on nutrients coming from a fathomless blue below

                                                            i snorkeled through them once, then twice


strange desires

                                                           They are like RIP CURRENTS on the tide


it is a good thing to admit to fear because you come to terms with being afraid


not much seems to be known about sharks....


i didn't find the burning bush, but saw alot of hot ones....


journey with a seaman

the tide was going out over the reef & the drift currents there  were dangerous

yet he snorkeled over the reef each night with a lamp for lobster


it is 4:54 in the morning

                                                                       The Wailing, Serene

                                                                             of 1st Prays

                                                                         has just stopped

                                                                       it lasted a few mins.



                                                                  There is a Drift Current      

                                                                           carrying me  

                                                                          To my Fate