her tits looked lovely in a half cut bra with revealing bare back as she surveyed her domain
astride her long legs & heels with close cut fine black trousers

their were plenty of willing slaves about, but she didn't seem that interested
except for their glorification of her own beauty
did she still secretly like a bit of fanny licking.....
was it because there were no attractive slinky bitches about/nearby......
      as my friend said
    i couldn't agree more
         i'm going for a wank
it did in need lead me to a tangential thought                    
in this current reversal of roles that seems to be occurring, in this dawn
The Age of Aquarius

would men one day wear revealing half bra bollock holders
a bit hairy lads, eh!
still i dare say the 'gentle-man-shaver' would sell well......:)