My paintings can be seen in many different ways which are not necessarily anything to do with me.

my writing as well on occasion

she called him a queen
he called her slag!

still, I thought they made a good couple.
anyway, who said love was perfect


My spirit has left
I must follow

basically I've stopped painting
whether I'll restart again I don't know

I do know that if I stay here in this situation any longer I'll become mummified
definitely not paint again

painting is important to me, it is my guide, which is one of the main reasons I'm leaving

to do a beautiful painting, whether tragic or sublime, one needs inspiration
that only comes from deep within ones self if the outer conditions are there to stimulate it

I'm still writing but I see that will also cease if I do not leave

I did the buffalo painting & I could see after I did this unconscious act from within my self that it was the spirit fleeing the scene of the battle. There were to many opponents, all I could do was flee but the anger I feel about this is I think obvious to all who view the painting.

I see this large, hopefully concluding episode in my life as gross injustice but in this unjust world where many atrocities are committed who is to expect some redeeming angel to save one from it all.