why exactly did he want to screw his best friends' women?
men for that matter
their backs


((yes that would give him the best sexual gratification.))

((this predominately, predominately,))
((now in his later years, gay man,))

((pretty much, this perversion was all he could get off on, on a heterosexual level,))

((any more))

~yes, Thomas, the tank engine, still liked to wind it out a bit~

~even in his now grey light years~


The closer the danger of discovery
the more bare faced lies he told
??his best friend??

~what about her, BITCH~

The better he loved it

Was it anything to do with the women at all?
((not many men, he didn't have many female friends))
~the women soon sniffed his game~
No, I don't think so

It was all to do with his own


but before we frown, pout & point
let us not
in the stillness, of our own self knowledge
forget our own

                                                                                                  ...........'SICK "FUCK" MIND'

concluding episode....

                                         So all he really wanted to do, was pea all over him by screwing her
                                           Then when the sick fuck was sufficiently jealous, stick it ever so carefully right in front of his face


 poor little sick fuck, little wonder he had little or no real friends anymore
for he has destroyed them all
one by one

what is one of his greatest fears
especially now, as he grows old

aside to my self:
The human mind is without doubt a strange place
that ultimate requests that we face
what we most fear