well we are spending a lot on the NHS service around here
we've had the same hospital for the last fifty years

still it was a pity about that military helicopter that ditched
in the ocean the other day, just after take off
because they forgot to put fuel in it
I mean it only cost 5 million

anyway we don't need a new hospital by the side of the motorway around here
(no what we really need is a private motorway toll road, so that we can avoid all the nasty death/burn to death)

anyway people are quite happy to lie on beds in the hospital corridors all night
the ambulance drivers don't mind queuing in traffic jams to get to the old hospital grounds in the heart of the town(sic)
nor getting done by the speed camera on the way in to the snarl up

yes it all makes perfect nanny sense!

still let us remember what nanny has told us
there is no more money for NHS trust overspenders (wasteful people)
they've just got to learn to live within their budget

yes! but lets have ID cards, at a very small cost
per person of the 60 million of us, ever changing
make it easier for ourselves to be impersonated

hell we've stamped out credit card fraud now with the new billion measures
if there's money missing, it must be your fault!


yes, rock on health managers
staying within the budget

(nice back handers from shit private firms with cheaper tenders:))


who are helping to take us to


(c) Labour Party Manifesto (sic) Rock on Socialists, playing live at the House of Commons, after extensive time off on world field trips: necessarily required in order to sort out the rest of the