Pic looks a bit stupid.

Well I hooked two rainbow trout but I didn't keep the line tight enough, both times: the hook then fell out.

Or did these valiant fighters spit it out when they got their first chance at freedom.

(I've closed all the barbs down on my flies/lures as shown to me in Lampeter by Malcolm when 'sport fishing')

On the first it slackened when it dived under the boat. On the second it leapt forward not long after I hooked it.

Still I had a good afternoon in beautiful surroundings.

Greg (sic) Commander DarKing came along to give me a hand as I'd never done this before in my present state of 'wobbliness' due to CMT

Still it looks like I should be able to manage it on my own unless someone fancies a couple of hours on the water.

Commander DarKing
bought my attention
to the
RainBow in the third pic from bottom

Perhaps we should give him
First name as well

Commander EagleEye DarKing