i'm happy not to be                    a narrow minded jerk
                                                 I HATE NARROW MINDED JERKS
               WHICH IS                                A WEE BIT
                                                          NARROW MINDED
                                                         oh deary deary me
                                    I am guilty of living in a society full of hypocrites
                                                    he was losing his woman
                                                     i forgave all his insults 
                                                    i have accepted the idea
                                                            being alone
                                        TO ALL YOU VOYEURS OUT THERE
                                                 I WOULD LIKE TO  SAY
                                              HAVE A GREAT WANK!!!!
Alien is in the Snake
  Starting to Move
                                       The Warriors had made it to the Beach
                                             Now eyed each other Silently
                                        He was willing to lick a lot of Arse
                                                          in order 
                                                  To be Sucessfull
                                                  I'd done my Stint
                                        They'd all been beautiful Women
                                                       with really
                                                     Cute Bums
                                         a forgotten memory awoke
                                                          in me
                                she's older now, but still very beautiful
                                              life is an improbable event